Madras Christian College (Autonomous)

Value Education - II

Christian Studies

 (2015 – 2016 onwards)

Semester: 2                                                                                                                                                                                No. of hours: 30

Credit: 1


Objectives: (i) The course aims at providing a wholesome understanding of the biblical perspective of the Christian faith.

                   (ii) It also equips the student to relate one’s faith to the contemporary world.

Unit I

Introduction to the Bible.

Three types of books – Biographical, Epistolary and Apocalyptic; Names of God; Life and teachings of John the Baptist

Unit II

Life and Ministry of Jesus Christ

Birth and Childhood; Prophecies related to the Birth of Christ; Healing and Teaching ministry; Suffering, death, Resurrection and Ascension

Unit III

Origin and Development of the Church and role of the Holy Spirit

Day of Pentecost; Characteristics of the Early Church; Jerusalem Council; Functions of the Holy Spirit; Gifts and Fruit of the Holy Spirit

Unit IV

Life and Ministry of Paul

Conversion of Paul; Missionary Journeys.

Unit V

Major themes in the Epistles and Revelation

Victorious Christian Living; Faith and Deeds; Superiority of Jesus Christ (Hebrews); Lessons for the contemporary church from the message to the seven churches

Books for Reference :

  1. The New Testament – A Reader’s Guide – C. A. Alington; G.Bell& Sons, 1949, London
  2. A critical introduction to the New Testament –Arthur S. Peake; Duckworth; 1914, London
  3. The story of the New Testament – Edgar J. Goodspeed; University of Chicago Press, 1916; Chicago
  4. A Guide to the Gospels – W. Graham Scroggie; Harper Collins; New Zealand, 1985
  5. The New Testament Prophets – David Hill; Alba House, 1983; ISBN No.978-0818904561

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