The basic objective of Madras Christian College is to impart human values through sound learning. The thrust areas of MCC during its 173 years of existence can be broadly classified into Academic Excellence, Spiritual Vitality and Social Concern.  Building of society which is centered around ethics and human values that would guide all activities in an attempt to preserve the dignity of the individual and the well being of the entire human race is the primary vision of MCC.  To achieve such a society it is necessary to develop younger generation who would be able to identify and practice the desired ethical, spiritual and human values that would enrich human life.  In order to build such a younger generation MCC is offering Value Education Programme to its students. 

Value Education Programme is one of the important aspects of the education process in MCC. The genesis of this programme is traced back to moral instruction/ religious studies programmes of earlier years.  Under the present day context the Value Education Programme comprises of different components such as Social Ethics, Christian Studies, Social Studies and Gender Studies.

This value – oriented, interdisciplinary programme is offered in the first year of all our UG courses.  In the Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) pattern, Value Education Programme comes under mandatory credit courses and carries 2 credits.  The pedagogical methods used in Value Education classes include chalk and talk, case studies, group discussions, guest lectures, etc.  the evaluation process has to components – End of Semester Examination (ESE) of three hours duration and continuous assessment (CA).  The CA component includes tests, seminars, projects, assignments and term pares.  A minimum of 35% marks in the ESE and CA marks put together a minimum of 40% marks are needed to get a pass in the Value Education Programme.

It is the duty of any educational institution to produce the best citizens for tomorrows India. MCC strongly believes in inculcation of values that shapes an individual and helps him take the right path in his quest for perfection.

Aided Stream


S O C I A L    E T H I C S
2nd Hour on Day order 4
Co-ordinator: Mr. J. Diviyan
Department Room Teacher
History (Reg & Voc) A224 Ms. Merlyn Grace (History)
English A226 Mrs. Sandya (English)
Political Science A210 Mr. Diviyan (Political Science)
Philosophy BH2 Mrs. Sunitha (Philosophy)
Tamil A103 Mr. Meshak (Tamil)
Commerce (Reg & Voc) A201 Mrs. Tabitha (Commerce)
Economics A117 Mr. Abel Rajan (Economics)
Mathematics A227 Mrs. Deva Priya (Mathematics)
Statistics S209 Mr. Joshua David (Statistics)
Physics S101 Mrs. Caroline Victoria (Physics)
Chemistry S208 Mrs. Jeba Priya (Chemistry)
Plant Biology & Plant Biotechnology Botany Department Ms. Anu (Botany)


C H R I S T I A N    S T U D I E S
3rd Hour on Day order 5
Coordinator:  Prof. C. Livingstone
Department Room Teacher
Tamil A103 Mr. Sebulon (Tamil)
Mathematics & Chemistry A203 Ms. Hanna Frederick (Commerce)
Economics & History (Rg & Voc) S208 Ms. Merlyn Issac (Economics)
Physics & Statistics S209 Ms. Phebhe Angus (English)
Commerce (Reg & Voc) S101 Ms. Shyamala (Chemistry)
Plant Biology & Plant Biotechnology Botany Department Ms. Joyce Sundra Priya (Botany)
English & Political Science A119 Mr. Raja Jerald (Pub. Ad.)
Zoology (Reg & Voc) & Philosophy Zoology Department Mr. Allen J. Freddy (Zoology)



S O C I A L     S T U D I E S
3rd Hour on Day Order 5
Coordinator: Mr. David Abraham
Department Room Teacher

Statistics, Physics, Chemistry, Zoology (Voc.)

A117 Mr. Sunil (Maths)
Botany A226 Ms. Deepa (English)
English, Economics, Political Science A224 Mr. Madanagopal (Statistics)
History (Reg & Voc), Philosophy, Commerce (Reg. & Voc.), Zoology (Reg.) S124 Ms. Christina (History)



G E N D E R   S T U D I E S
3rd Hour on Day order 5
Coordinator: Ms. Caroline Victoria
Department Room Teacher
Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, Chemisty, Botany, Zoology (Reg & Voc) A201 Ms. Joice Sheeba (Physics)
English, Economics, History(Reg & Voc), Commerce (Reg & Voc) A228 Ms. Abitha (English)

Political Science & Tamil

EOG (Gallary) Ms. Sudha Gopi (Political Science)


Self-financed Stream


S O C I A L    E T H I C S
1st Hour on Day order 2
Co-ordinator: J. Diviyan
Department Room Teacher
B.Com (1st Section) A226 Ms. Emily Rajkumar
B.Com (2nd Section) A101 Ms. Menaka
B.Com (A&F) A224 Ms. Helan Rajeswari
BBA (1st Section) A116 Mr. Tony Thomas
BBA (2nd Section) A119 Mr. Karthik
BCA (1st Section) A114 Ms. Hebsibah
BCA (2nd Section) S217 Ms. Tamil Selvi
BSc (Vis. Com) DS Ms. Sai Deewana
BSc (Microbiology) A206 Mr. Sundaralingam
BSc (Mathematics) IACS Ms. Rashmi Kumar
BSc (Physical Education) A208 Ms. Ligi Ezhilarasi
BSc (Physics) A103 Ms. Christina Jabapriya
BSc (Geography) S210 Ms. Niranjini
BA (Journalism) S220 Mr. Saranya
BSW S201 Mr. Thendral


C H R I S T I A N    S T U D I E S
3rd Hour on Day order 4
Coordinator:  Mr. C. Livingstone
Department Room Teacher
Mathematics, BSW, Physical Education A114 Ms. Sifo Kumeds
BCA, Geography, BCA-II A119 Mr. Amaldas Robinson
B.Com I & II Sections, AC/FIN A116 Ms. Subaniya Sarah
Journalism, Vis. Com, Microbiology A109 Ms. Shantha Sheela
BBA I & II Sections, Physics A206 Ms. Raichel Epsiba


S O C I A L     S T U D I E S
3rd Hour on Day order 4
Coordinator: Mr. David Abraham
Department Room Teacher

Visual Communcation, Microbiology, Mathematics

S201 Ms. Deepa Ramasubramaniyan
Physics, BSW, B.Com (Acc/Fin) A224 Ms. Lakshmi Devi
Physical Education, Geography, Jornalism A101 Ms. Zeenath Zarina
B.Com (A&B), BCA 1 & BBA 1 A226 Ms. Charlet C. Rajakumari
BBA II & BCA II 231A Ms. Binni K. Mathew


G E N D E R   S T U D I E S
3rd Hour on Day order 4
Coordinator: Mrs. Florence John
Department Room Teacher
Science Courses S220 Ms. Jenni Joshua
Arts Courses, BBA 1 & BBA 2 Botany Gallery Ms. Adelin Esther Rani
B.Com 1 & 2 & Ac/Fin DS Ms. Samuel
Journalism, BSW S210 Ms. Janice Shiji


Outreach Programme


As part of the 175th anniversary celebrations of Madras Christian College, the Department of Value Education, with the consent of the college, will launch an extension-outreach programme for the benefit of school teachers (8th std to +2) from the ensuing academic year, 2013 – ’14.

The objective of the programme is to help teachers in schools to acquaint themselves with modalities and content necessary to impart value education to pupils in schools.  It is an interactive one day programme and the areas of concern are personal growth and value clarifications.  Certificate for attending the training programme will be provided.

The college has well-equipped trainers who have had exposure to, and experience in, methodologies and skills required for training trainers.  Those who wish to avail this outreach programme facility may contact either the convener, Value Education or one of the coordinators of the different units under Value Education such as Social Ethics, Social Studies, Christian Studies and Gender Studies.



  • Social Ethics: Syllabus
  • Social Studies: Syllabus
  • Gender Studies: Syllabus for Semester 1, Syllabus for Semester II
  • Christian Studies: Syllabus for Semester I, Syllabus for Semester II

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