Attendance Regulation

Category 1

Each student is required to have a minimum of 75% attendance every semester. If a student is absent for one hour, he/she will lose attendance for half a day. If a student is absent for two hours or more, he/she will lose attendance for the whole day.

Leave of Absence

Students are required to apply for leave to their HOD in the prescribed format available in the Records / SFS Office. However, applying for leave does not mean that the absence will be condoned. Attendance will not be given for absence due to any reason including medical grounds. Women Students are eligible for maternity leave as per university norms

Leave of Absence for representing the College as On Duty (OD)

1. The Staff-in-charge (eg: Physical Director, Vice–President (CUS), NCC Officers, NSS Officers, HOD’s, Wardens etc.) are authorized to send a list of students who had participated in events within or outside the college, within seven days after the completion of the event to the Dean of Student Affairs (DSA). It is the responsibility of the student concerned to submit the filled in prescribed form to the DSA within the stipulated time limit. ‘OD’ letters will not be entertained at a later date. Students are eligible for OD for participation in programmes/events organized by all recognized units/halls and Departments of the college.

2. A student may be sanctioned a maximum of 25% working days as on-duty (OD) for participation in College programmes either within or outside the college, subject to recommendation by one or more units involved.

3. NCC and NSS unit heads are required to produce the necessary document(s) pertaining to student participation in their unit activities, including blood donation and collection of uniform from Head Quarters. However, there is no OD upper limit for NCC Cadets participating in camps and youth exchange programs.

Attendance Notification

The attendance details will be displayed on the respective Department Notice Boards and the College website every fortnight. Clarifications, if any, should be sought from the Dean of Student Affairs / Director (SFS) within 3 days of this publication.

Condonation (Category II)

Obtaining condonation is not a matter of right. However, the Principal may condone shortage of 35 % of attendance for a semester, for a student with attendance of 65% and above and less than 75%. A student can avail condonation only once during the course of study

Additional Provision (Category III)

A student who is not allowed to write the End of Semester Examination in the current semester due to shortage of attendance (that is for a student with attendance of 50% and above 65%) will be allowed to write those papers as arrears in the subsequent End of Semester Examination. A student can avail this additional provision only once during the course.

Repeat Semester (Category IV)

A student who loses more than 50% of attendance in a semester will have to repeat the Semester

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