A project is a unique undertaking with a defined time frame and resources with a defined aim.

Today, in India and all over the world, Governments, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and Private Companies, Corporates and Conglomerates have allocated trillions of dollars for various Projects. Research and Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure, Defence, Agriculture - every single facet of human life is undergoing profound changes that have never been seen in the past. ALL THESE PROJECTS NEED PROFESSIONALLY EQUIPPED MANAGERS to nurture them towards successful completion.

The Professional Management of Projects involves a clear understanding of various concepts and tools involved in Project Management (PM) and the efficient application of this knowledge for the successful execution of these projects.

There is an insatiable demand for personnel who can professionally manage Projects and the various aspects involved.

If a working professional/Executive can adequately master and deploy the principles of Scientific Project Management at the workplace, he or she will be adding tremendous value to the organization.

On completion of this course the student will have a firm understanding of the various stages in the life cycle of a Project as well as an awareness of some of the commonly used tools and techniques of Project Management. With the knowledge gained from  this course, the student can start applying the fundamentals of Project Management in his daily workday endeavours or even his or her Personal Projects.

            Duration        :           14 Weeks      


            Course Fee    :           Rs. 9000/-

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