Dr. Prince Solomon Devadass M.A (SW), PhD

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Department of Social Work

Madras Christian College

Tambaram, Chennai-600059

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Name of The Institution



Year of Passing

Madras Christian College




Madras Christian College


M.A.Social Work (CD)


Bishop Heber College


B.A. Eng.Lit





Year of Passing

SOCIAL WORK (Community Development)




  • Social Work Profession
  • Social Work with Groups
  • Integrated Social Work Practice
  • Human Rights
  • Community Development Practice
  • International Social Work
  • Tribal and Indigenous People development
  • Development Economics for Social Work
  • Communication for Development




Name of the Institution


Period of Work

Madras Christian College

Department of social work



4th Aug 2000 –Till date

Department of Social Work

Madras Christian College


June 2012 –till date

Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication, MCC


(Part time)

June 2001 –2008

Family Life Institute - MCC

Centre for Integrated Rural Development Studies - MCC




Jun 2008 – May 2013

Nilgris –Wayanad Tribal Welfare Society, Ambalamola



Sep 2007 –till date

Compassion International

LDP – Caruna Bal Vikas



Sep 2007 - 2016




ORIENTATION COURSES ATTENDED: University of Madras, 2010


  • Advanced Laboratory for Human Process (ALHP) in Indian Society for Applied Behavioural Science(ISABS)
  • Trained in Emotional Competence, Appreciative Inquiry and Neuro- Linguistic Programming -AUI Consultants.
  • Trained in Mentoring-Core Mind
  • Trained in Institution Building and Future Search
  • Trained in Gender Fair Education in Mendis,
  • Trained in Advanced Christian Leadership in Maui, USA


PAPERS PRESENTED (National & International conferences and Seminars):

  • Regional
  1. Globalization of Social Work Education –Presented during the valedictory program in One day regional level conference of Fatima College, Madurai.(2008)
  • National
  1. Scope, Relevance and working with groups in India – Presented during the National conference held at the Mysore University, Mysore. (2010)
  2. Participate and presented in the National conference on Inter- Disciplinary Intervention and Cross Cultural sharing in Social Work, organised by the Madras School of Social Work, January 2014
  • International
  1. “Centre for International Social Work- A model for Cross cultural Social Education” presented  at the NORTH AMERICAN AND CARIBBEAN ASSOCIATION OF SCHOOLS OF SOCIAL WORK, Guyana
  2. “Resiliency of Women Survivors of the Tsunami 2004 in South India” presented at the Council for Social Work Education conference.(2008)


  1. Mentoring Social Work students in International Field Placements: Some excerpts and experiences – Poster presentation during the World Joint Social Work Conference, Honk Kong, June 2010.
  2. Presented Four Papers in World Joint Social Work Conference, Stockholm, July 2012 on “Youth and Media”, Social Action in struggle for land. Co-Presenter: Mr. Sudharsan
  3. Participated and Contributed in the International Symposium on “Going Places” organised by James Cook University, Australia in Cochin, Kerala, November 2016.
  1. Presented and Co-presented Papers in Joint World Conference on Social Work Education and Social Development, Seoul, South Korea, 27-30 June 2016.
  2. Building Competency for Social Work students through Field Work Core Components. Co-Presenter: Jude Gonsalvez, Anna Maria College, USA
  3. Attitude of Social Work Students towards Research Methods Courses. Co-Presenters: Jude Gonsalvez, Vinod Kozhisserry, Anna Maria College, USA
  • A study on the Impact of Society on the Self Worth of PLHIV in Chennai, India. Co-Presenter: Arpit Halder
  1. Social Capital in Women Empowerment through SHG in Kerala. Co-Presenter: Akhilesh
  2. Field Work supervision for International Social Work Education. Co-Presenter: Miriam Samuel
  3. Coordinating a Study Abroad Program: Views from Two collaborating Institutions. Co-Presenter: Deborrah Philips, Prince Annadurai, Appalachian State University
  • International Refugees; Reasons, Challenges, and Global Responsibilities. Co-Presenter: Calli Wise, Juniata College, USA 
  • Institutional Care in Promoting Human Worth and Dignity. Co-Presenter: Sam Jebadurai MCCSWD
  1. Rural Indebtedness and Climate Change. Co-Presenter: Calli Wise, Juniata College, USA
  2. Human Worth and Dignity. Co-Presenter: Deva Kiruba, MCCSWD
  3. Migration and Economic Interdependence and its impact on Human Worth and Dignity. Co-Presenter: Neil Immanuel Gladson, MCCSWD
  • Ethnic Conflict and Violence. Co-Presenter: Arnicia Mary, MCCSWD
  • Contribution of CSR towards Health. Co-Presenter: Justus Wallis, MCCSWD
  • Intercultural Interactions, Culture and Knowledge Management: Research from the Indian Hospitality and Tourism Industry and Cultural competence.

Co-Presenter: Sam Jebadurai, MCCSWD

             **MCCSWD - Department of Social Work, Madras Christian College



  • Books
  1. Paper published, “Scope for International Social Work in Social Work Education” Presented at the National  conference held at the department of Social Work, Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirapalli.(2009) ISBN:978-818424-446-5
  2. Written a chapter (118) on “Communication” Textbook of Emergency Medicine - Vol. 1 & David, Brown, Nelson, Banerjee, Anantharaman, et al, published by Wolters Kluwer Health (Lippincott, Williams and Wilkins) Delhi, India, 2012, ISBN 9788184732023.
  3.  Co-authored Course material for Environment and Sustainable Livelihood, Published by the RGNIYD(2016) ISBN:978-93-81572-40-5
  4. Edited and contributed for the Abstract book on Social Work & Climate Change, published by Jonathan Callaghan Publishers,(2015)ISBN:978-93-81208-64-9
  5. Authored a paper on ‘Impact of Globalization on Social Work Curriculum – An Introduction’, in the book Joining Hands & Changing Lives in Social Work Practice, Volume –I by Emerald Publishers through Madras School of Social Work (2014), ISBN:978-81-7966-382-0
  • Journal
  1.  RESILIENCY OF WOMEN SURVIVORS OF THE TSUNAMI 2004 IN SOUTH INDIA published in European Scientific Journal September 2013 edition vol.9, No.26 ISSN: 1857 – 7881 (Print) e - ISSN 1857- 7431 46
  2.  Influence of Globalization on Social Work Educator’s Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Social Work Education’ published in International Organisation for Scientific Research(IOSR)Journal Of Humanities And Social Science (IOSR-JHSS) Volume 19, Issue 9, Ver. II (Sep. 2014), PP 71-84 e-ISSN: 2279-0837, p-ISSN: 2279-0845.




Valedictory address on Globalization of Social Work Education –Presented during the valedictory program One day regional level conference of Fatima College, Madurai (2008)


Resource person for the theme, Scope, Relevance and working with groups in India – Presented during the National conference held at the Mysore University, Mysore. (2010)

  • WORKSHOP (Only last five Years)
  1. Resource Person for the Value Education Teachers of MCC on “Valuing Education” MCC, July 2015
  2. Resource Person for the English department students of MCC on “Engaging Community in Restoring Folklore, organised by the UBCHEA through department  of English, MCC , August 2015
  3. Resource person for Social Work students of Madras School of Social Work students on “Skills for Social Workers”, MSSW  September 2015
  4. Resource person for the topic :Understanding Children Psychology” for the staff of Vidiyal an NGO in Madurai, October 2014
  5. Resource person for the District Child Protection officers on the topic “STRESS” for the department of Social defence, July 2013-14.
  6. Organiser and resource person for the one day Workshop for 250 students on the topic “Celebrating Life in MCC”, SFS-Commerce, MCC July 2013-2016
  7. Resource person for the Induction Program for the department of Computer Science on the topic Life in MCC, for the I MCA students, July 2014-16.
  8. Resource Person for the Work Shop for Nurses and Doctors of the Burns Ward, KMC, September 2015
  9. Resource Person for the Session on “Stress” for magistrates through Judicial Academy,  October 2014
  10. Resource person for the “Outdoor Camping” for Tiano Vidyashram School children, December 2016.
  1. Guest Lectures on “Appreciative Inquiry” and “Disaster Response for the Social Work” students of MSSW 2015-2016.
  2. Guest lectures for the Davidsons, USA students on the topic ‘Poverty in the Land of Plenty’  “Remittance Economy” for SII2013 during September 2013.
  3. Guest lectures for the Elmhurst College, USA students on “Bonded labourers in India” during 2014 &2016
  4. Guest Lecture for the Appalachian State University, USA students on Comparative History of Social Work in India and USA during June, 2015
  5. Guest for Tiano Vidyashram School for Inter-school literary meet September 2015
  6. Organised WORKSHOP I:  Therapeutic intervention for trauma care, workshop ii : Special skills on individual therapy for Professional Social Workers with Joop Hageman and Astrid from Netherlands, 25th -28th January, 2016.
  7. Organised Workshop on Advanced Counselling skills for Social Work Students and practioners by Jim Bslimja from Netherlands, January 2015.
  8. Guest Lecture on “India and Diversity” for the Project team India program for Korean students in USA during the field visit to India, August 2016
  1. Training Coordinator for the Workshop on Human Rights organised with the help of NHRC, for Social Work students in Chennai, 3rd February 2017.



Involved in several training programmes from 2002 – The following were the beneficiaries: Restless Development (Students Partnership World Wide), World Vision, LDP-Compassion International, Police department, Judicial academy, Project Concern International, ADEPT, UCAL, Karl Kubel Institute for Development, BHEL, Colleges, NSS units etc. Over 9000 beneficiaries were trained in the last 15 years.



  • Government
  1. Worked with the Hand Holding process for Abdul Kalam Puram- A model tribal village for Irular tribe in Cheyar, initiated by the sub Collector of Tiruvanamalai District.(2016-17)
  2. Worked with the Department of Social defence, Government of Tamil Nadu as a consultant for Suicide prevention and Child protection during 2014-2017.
  3. Question Paper setter for Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission (TNPSC) in the year 2015.


  1. Assessment of NGOs for World Bank Project for Self Help Groups in Tiruvarur. October 2005.
  2. Investigator for Healthy District Project, Vellore District in collaboration with University of South Australia and Christian Medical College.
  3. Project Assistant for Socio Economic survey among Project affected Persons (PAPs) in Marakannam funded by National Thermal Power corporation, Government of India.(2009)
  4. Project on School Mental Health in Tambaram, sponsored by The MediantWell wishers, Netherlands.(2006-2008)
  5. Initial Sensing Study for Tamil Nadu Health System Project, December 2007
  6. Field Action Program – Post Flood Social Work rehabilitation with Irulars community in Tirukulakundram-2016-till date the students and staff of MCCSWD.
  7. Field Action Program – Community Development program for the Gypsy Colony in Mappedu village 2016-17 as part of Community Outreach for Neighborhood (CON) by the students and staff of MCCSWD.


  • ACADEMIC VISITS(conference, Study Tour)
  1. Presented 10 Papers(oral and Poster) in World Joint Social Work Conference, Seoul, South Korea, June 2016 on several topics related to the conference   theme on Human Worth & Dignity organised by the IASSW-IFSW-ICSW.
  2. International Study Tour Facilitator – Visited Kingdom of Bhutan(Thimpu& Paro)  as part of the Field trip for II MSW students of social work department, MCC (2005, 2013)
  3. International Study Tour Facilitator – Visited Thailand  as part of the Field trip for II MSW students of social work department, MCC (2014)
  4. International Study Tour Facilitator – Visited Malaysia  (Kuala Lampur and Penang Islands) as part of the Field trip for II MSW students of social work department, MCC (2015)
  5. Study Tour Facilitator - Visited Kathmandu, Nepal as part of the exposure visit on South Asian   Realities from the department of Social Work, MCC (2002)
  6. Study Tour Facilitator -Visited Colombo, Jaffna, Srilanka as part of the exposure visit on South Asian Realities from the Department of Social Work, MCC (2003)
  7.  Study Tour Facilitator –Visited Dhaka, Bangladesh as part of the exposure visit on South Asian Realities from the Department of Social Work, MCC (2006)
  8. 5. Study Tour Facilitator – Visited Singapore and   Malaysia as part of the Field Trip for II MSW students of Social Work department, MCC (2008,09,11,13 )
  9. Study Tour Facilitator – Visited Thailand and Srilanka as part of the Field trip for II MSW students of social work department, MCC (2010,12,14)
  10.  Visited Batticola, Srilankaas a consultant for Desmio-an organisation working for Tsunami victims(2005)
  11.  Visited KENYA & UGANDA as part of the assessment team for Little Drops Global outreach team, Chennai.(2008)
  12.  Represented MCC for attending a Workshop on Gender Fair Education organised by UBCHEA in Mendis, Philippines
  13. Represented India in the ‘WE CAN” campaign in the national assembly in SRILANKA organised   by the OXFAM International.(Nov 2007)
  14. Academic Coordinator for Field School in INDIA for Bridge Water State College, Boston, USA, CJCU & Asia University ,Taiwan  (2007, 2009)
  15. Study Tour Facilitator – Visited Thailand and Cambodia as part of the Field trip for     II MSW students of social work department, MCC (2012)
  16. Trained by the Haggai Institute on Advanced Christian Leadership Development at Maui, USA, April 2012.

ACADEMIC WORK(Research, Program Coordination) 

  1. Assistant Director for Davidsons College, USA, Semester in India (SII2013) for the academic program September – November 2013.
  2. Faculty Advisor and Programme Coordinator for students from Netherlands, Thomson River University, Canada. Flinders University, and University of South  Australia, Liverpool Hope University, United Kingdom for Field work and Rural camp. (2001 – 2005, 2009,2015,2016,2017 )
  3. Organised Field Trips to Rural and Tribal Communities for Elmhurst College, Davidsons College, Huntington University, Brethren College Abroad, USA and Flinders University and University of South Australia, Australia students during the visit to MCC.
  4. Program Coordinator and Field Educator for students from University of South Australia, Flinders University, Australia, Liverpool Hope University, UK from August 2015 – February 2017.
  1. Exchange Faculty to Chang Jung Christian University, Taiwan during April-June 2009 as part of the Centre for International Social Work, MCC
  2. Course Teacher for International Social work, Community Development Practice, Development Economics, and Tribal & Indigenous People Development for Exchange students from Brethren Colleges Abroad, USA in MCC. (since 2012)

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