1. ID card must be worn by the students at all times while on campus.
2. The use of Cell Phones is strictly banned inside the classrooms and in the corridors.
3. Smoking and drinking are strictly prohibited within the campus, including the Halls of Residence.
4. Use or possession of drugs on campus will result in expulsion from the College.
5. Any kind of unruly behaviour, physical violence, harassment of women, and damage to college property will be dealt with very severely by the College.
6. Students are expected to be dressed neatly in formals or semi-formals as appropriate for an educational institution. Any form of vulgarity, obscenity or dress with offensive wordings are
strictly banned on campus.
7. Motorised Vehicles of students should be parked only at the allotted space near the main gate.
8. Resident students are not permitted to have motorized vehicles on campus.