Department of English
B.A. English M.A. English M.Phil. English
Department of Tamil
B.A. Tamil M.A. Tamil M.Phil. Tamil
Department of History


B.A. History (Vocational)

M.A. History M.Phil. History
Department of Political Science
B. A. Political Science M. A. Political Science M.Phil. Political Science
Department of Public Administration
M.A. Public Administration M.Phil. Public Administration
Department of Economics
B.A. Economics M.A. Economics M.Phil. Economics
Department of Philosophy
B.A. Philosophy M.A. Philosophy M.Phil. Philosophy
Department of Commerce 

B.Com. (Regular & Vocational)

M.Com. M.Phil. Commerce
Department of Social Work
M.S.W. (CD & MP)
Department of Mathematics
B.Sc. Mathematics M.Sc. Mathematics M.Phil. Mathematics
Department of Statistics
B.Sc. Statistics M.Sc. Statistics M.Phil. Statistics
Department of Physics
B.Sc. Physics M.Sc. Physics M.Phil. Physics
Department of Chemistry
B.Sc. Chemistry M.Sc. Chemistry M.Phil. Chemistry
Department of Plant Biology & Plant Biotechnology
B.Sc. Plant Biology & Plant Biotechnology M.Sc. Plant Biology & Plant Biotechnology M.Phil. Botany
Department of Zoology
B.Sc. Zoology (Regular & Vocational) M.Sc. Zoology M.Phil. Zoology


Department of English

B.A. English Language & Literature

Part II English Language    
Department of Journalism
B.A. Journalism
Department of Social Work
B.S.W., M.S.W. (HRM) & M.Phil. Social Work
Department of Commerce 

B.Com. (Accounting & Finance)
B.Voc. (Retail Management & Information Technology)

M.Com. COBA M.Phil. Commerce
Department of Business Administration
Department of Communication
M.A. Communication
Department of Geography, Tourism & Travel Management
B.Sc. Geography, Tourism & Travel Management
B.Voc. (Hospitality & Tourism)
Department of Mathematics
B.Sc. Mathematics
Department of Physics
B.Sc. Physics
Department of Chemistry
M.Sc. Chemistry
Department of Microbiology
B.Sc. Microbiology M.Sc. Applied Microbiology
Department of Visual Communication
B.Sc. Visual Communication
Department of Computer Applications
Department of Computer Science
Department of Physical Education
B.Sc. Physical Education, Health Education & Sports