Audio Production:

This course offers hands on Training on various aspects involved in Professional Audio Production. Sessions would include the basics of Sound to details and exposure to Audio Production Hardware and Audio Production Software followed by Recording and Mixing Sessions. Included in the Practical instruction will be editing ,film dubbing etc., Students will be given Practical guidance on all aspects of Professional Audio Production.

Course Fee 12,000 Duration: 4months

Understanding Learning Difficulties in Children:

While Schools have carefully designed curriculum, teachers have to take care of the learning by children by appropriate Teaching methods with individual attention. Special Care has to be taken by Teachers in identifying any Learning Disabilities and Differential Behaviour in Children.

This course touches upon Child Development and Different Learning Disabilities, Identification of Learning Disability based on symptoms and differential Behaviour, the assessment of Learning Disabilities,the causes and guidance for slow learning and includes sessions on how to do initial Counselling for parents of children with Learning Disabilities.

Primary School Teachers and parents are expected to benefit greatly from this Course.

Course Fee :Rs 5000/- Duration 3 months

Data  Analytics

Analytics also known as ‘Business Analytics’ refers to the Software and Methods that Organisations use to understand Data. It is the Scientific process of deriving insights from Raw Data to support Decision-Making.

The Analytics industry is one of the fastest growing and the demand for people with deep analytic skills is increasing rapidly. The shortage of well-trained and experienced Analysts makes this industry worth pursuing as a Career option.

This Course will enable the learner to be able to demonstrate his/her Business Analytic  Skills to potential/Existing Employers thus gaining an edge over others in Jobs/Career enhancement.

            Duration        :           12   Weeks


            Course Fee    :           Rs. 10000/-

Quantitative Analysis for Competitive Exams 

(Certificate of Participation)


The Course is aimed at training the students in basic Quantitative Aptitudes, Logical Reasoning, and Problem Solving Skills. Questions based on Quantitative Analysis constitute an essential component in various Competitive and Entrance Examinations of Prestigious Institutions .This course is specially designed for all those who need to appear for these exams.

Students with little or no background of Maths and those who are a bit apprehensive about  Quantitative Applications will also be benefitted 

as the Course will be sequenced in a gradual manner spread over several sessions.

            Duration        :           12   Weeks


            Course Fee    :           Rs. 5000/-

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